Create metadata schema, controlled vocabularies and templates for a site re-design and implementation of a content management system.


This project was a purely bottom-up information architecture exercise. The company had acquired a number of different companies in a short period of time, and their web site had grown organically with no centralized web services team to guide its growth. What was required was a complete re-architecture from the ground up, implementing the new architecture and a new look and feel for the web site in a newly purchased content management system.

A taxonomy for the company was developed. Business goals and objectives were formulated. Metrics for success of the project were outlined. As the information architect, Seneb was tasked with understanding the information from the bottom up and driving the overall architecture to accommodate a number of different business goals while still maintaining a satisfactory user experience.

Content types were defined and a list of products and services were developed. Seneb worked closely with a search consultant to improve the search capability for the site. Seneb worked closely with an outside design agency to develop a new look for the site that worked with our business model and sustain a navigation that worked with our products and services. Seneb consulted with team members about cms capabilities with respect to metadata and navigation, and Seneb developed a metadata schema that would sustain the company for a number of years into the future.


Site launched on time and within budget.