Paypal, an online payment service, provides highly visible information for customers outlining the company's protection services for both buyer and seller. After growing organically for years, this information was clearly in need of a revamp. A redesigned content framework and visual refresh was so successful that it paid for itself in just nine months.


PayPal's Security Center offered an explanation of services and agreements for buyers and sellers, but the content was poorly organized, duplicative, unclear, used too much "legalese" and was not aligned with PayPal's brand. In addition, the content was hard to maintain across multiple sites and languages.


This effort was part of a larger initiative to improve PayPal's online customer experience through user-centered design, understanding from the customer perspective how people buy, sell and manage money online. Needed information was identified, organized, and rewritten, simplifying content management in multiple languages and markets. A new visual design and branding was applied, and the site was tested with real users multiple times before implementation. 


The new Security Center featured clean, organized, easy-to-find content with a clear explanation of how customers were covered by the Programs (a reduction from 72 pages to 24 pages). Content was rewritten to be concise and as legalese free as possible. 


  • Improved customer experience which led directly to a measurable 14% decrease in calls to PayPal's Security Center. 
  • Overall findability, satisfaction and comprehension of information related to Purchase Protection was measurably improved. Both customers and merchants found it much easier to report spoof emails and phishing. 
  • A consistent look and feel supported the company's global brand and enabled regions around the world to adopt the format with minimal costs. Several countries in Europe and Asia adopted the new format soon after the U.S. revamp.