Information is useful when it is understandable, available, accessible and well-organized. Seneb Consulting provide services and support to help make sure your data and information is understood and used by those who need it most. 

We help firms of all sizes maximize their use of information and data. This could be for business intelligence use, to support customer service or to understand and influence customer behavior. 

Seneb Consulting provides a full range of services for clients in technology, hospitality, and retail and construction industries that want to deliver high-impact content to customers and stakeholders.


Customer Research

We have extensive experience using qualitative research, or User Experience (UX) Research, to show how people’s mindsets drive decision-making. Research informs how to organize information for multiple audience and uses and provides insights for a wide range of uses. To see how customer research makes a difference in product design, take a look at Seneb's work for Princess CruisesEBAY, and The Network Appliance.

Strategic Consulting & Design Ops

If you're thinking about Information Architecture, consider bringing Seneb into that process as a trusted advisor. Seneb Consulting works with you ensure your strategy reflects both your business context and customers' expectations, a strategy that supports your teams, product managers and business executives. To see the difference IA strategy can make, read about Seneb's work with Google and StubHub.


Customer Adoption

As customers get busier and products become more complex, engaging your customers' attention the first time becomes critical. We use principles founded in design and cognitive psychology to quickly formulate winning strategies for increasing customer adoption of your products.  That's what we did for KickStart, take a look at the results.


Metadata & Taxonomies

We can assist you with all your data and content organization needs. Quality metadata strategies and content modeling can improve content findability for complex information spaces. To see examples of how Seneb Consulting helped companies take advantage of bottom-up strategies, take a look at Dow Corning and VeriSign.



System Integration

New system implementations are necessary, but rarely simple, including CMS and iWMS implementation. Information architects are experts in metadata and taxonomies, as well as information lifecycles, business context and system users.  Including us on your team can help avoid pitfalls for a successful implementation.  To see what a difference Seneb can make with CMS, read about the VeriSign project.


Data Governance and Standards

As your data store grows and becomes more popular, it’s important to document what standards are being used, as well as what is available, how it is used, how it is updated and managed, and any limits to access. Creating and managing such documentation can seem like a daunting task. Let Seneb help you determine what works best for your organization and get you set up for success like we did for Google.


Team members and stakeholders can use the same word but mean something different, which can lead to confusion and loss of productivity. A glossary provides clarity when referring to products, services, processes and important business concepts and helps teams and organizations to get along and work well together. To see how Seneb helped provide glossary services, read about the Google project.

Founded in 1996, Silicon Valley-based Seneb Consulting helps firms of all sizes use information and data to understand and influence customer behavior


Sarah A. Rice
Managing Member & Information Architect

Sarah Rice is an information architect with over two decades of strategy and consulting experience, designing and executing excellent user experiences for companies such as Google, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, eBay, Princess Cruises and Yahoo!

She has a master's degree in Information Science and consults with a number of user experience firms. She served on the Board of Directors of the Information Architecture Institute, is active in the Information Architecture Conference (formerly the IA Summit). She also speaks regularly at industry conferences.

For eBay she refined customer support information and led a rebranding effort for the Help Center across the Americas, AsiaPAC and Europe. For Dow Corning, she developed rich information environments to meet the varying and complex needs of global chemical company customers. An executive consulting firm turned to her to design and launch online products to serve the changing needs of their client base. For Adaptive Path, she got to the bottom of a drop-off in membership at an online photo sharing site and developed a strategy for bringing customers back.


Richard Cox
Project Manager

Richard Cox is a highly regarded manager with a lifetime of experience at all levels of the Electrical Construction Industry. He has several years experience in Electrical Project Management, MEP Construction Management and Electrical Estimating & Database management.

He has managed a number of high profile projects including large data centers, medical facilities and net-zero office buildings. Clients include Amgen, the Packard Foundation, PG&E and Apple. Many consider him trustworthy and dedicated as he follows a project from start up through to completion.