Seneb Consulting provides a full range of services for clients in technology, hospitality, and retail industries that want to deliver high-impact content on the web. Projects range from site evaluations and strategic consulting to large-scale customer research projects and content management system implementations. With more than a decade of experience in information architecture, Seneb can make your web project successful. We've listed some typical projects, but if you have more specialized need, contact us!

Customer Research

Seneb Consulting has extensive experience using qualitative research methods to show how customer mindsets drive decision-making. Wondering how to structure content for a new web site or how to update a site to get customers to move through the buying cycle? Seneb will create customer research to find out. Project deliverables include detailed guidelines for designers to create effective product and website designs. To see how customer research makes a difference in product design, take a look at Seneb's work for Princess CruisesEBAY, and The Network Appliance.

Web Site Evaluations

No matter how long your site has been up, Seneb can help you find ways to improve it. With more than a decade of experience in information architecture and user experience design, Seneb provides expert opinions on structure, organization and experience of all complex information spaces. Whether you request a written report, on-site presentation—or both—you'll get clear next steps for improving your content.

Strategic Consulting

If you're thinking about Information Architecture, consider bringing Seneb into that process as a trusted advisor. We know that IA is about not only information, but also information context and use. Seneb Consulting works with you ensure your web strategy and IA reflect both your business context and customers' expectations, a strategy that supports web teams, product managers and business executives.

CMS Implementation

Content management systems (CMS) are necessary but rarely simple, and implementing one in your business environment can be tricky. Let Seneb Consulting guide you through the process. Seneb knows how to find shortcuts and avoid pitfalls for a successful CMS implementation. We help technology specialists, content owners and business executives find a common language to define goals and objectives for managing content. Then, we work with you to ensure those goals are met.  To see what a difference Seneb can make with CMS, read about the VeriSign project.


Whether you call it metadata, tagging, facets, controlled vocabularies, or taxonomies, Seneb Consulting can assist you with your data and content organization needs. We understand the detailed nature of bottom-up information needs. Quality metadata strategies and content modeling can improve content findability for complex information spaces. To see examples of how Seneb Consulting helped companies take advantage of bottom-up strategies, take a look at Dow Corning and VeriSign.

Customer Adoption

As customers get busier and products become more complex, engaging your customers' attention the first time becomes critical. Seneb Consulting has devised a unique methodology to help your customers really, really understand your products. Communicating clearly and distinctly about what your product does and how it will help customers can be difficult. Seneb Consulting uses principles founded in design and cognitive psychology to quickly formulate winning strategies for increasing customer adoption of your products. That's what we did for KickStart, take a look at the results