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2009-2010     PAYPAL    San Jose, CA

Information Architecture and Business Strategy Consultant

Led user research efforts for PayPal Help redesign. Developed business strategy roadmap, including customer and business research, synthesis and development of employee tools to implement new business framework for

2006   WALMART   Brisbane, CA

Information Architect

Lead user research effort to architect online shopping cart for 5 global markets. Worked closely with customer to articulate requirements, recruited, interviewed and analyzed users in multiple markets. Developed holistic information architecture to serve different markets, and developed a strategy for localization.

2005     NETWORK APPLIANCE     Sunnyvale, CA

Lead Information Architect Consultant

Redesigned intranet sales portal to improve sales force productivity. Led stakeholder interviews, sales team interviews and development of users' mental model. Performed content audit, developed metadata model, articulated wireframe templates for CMS implementation.

2004-present    ADAPTIVE PATH     San Francisco, CA

User Experience Consultant

Provided consulting services to a variety of clients. Developed research reports, content maps, mental modeling documents; interviewed web site users and other research participants, performed research analysis, worked closely with clients.

2007-2008    EBAY    San Jose, CA

Principal in Residence

Worked with eBay User Experience Content Team. Lead voice audit for Re-architected eBay Help content and all other user assistance content into single architecture to improve user adoption of content and to strengthen eBay brand. Consulted with content experts regarding implementation of new content strategy, template design and migration of content into new IA. Formulated strategy for localization of IA into multiple markets.

2004-2005   DOW CORNING   Midland, MI

Metadata and Taxonomy Consultant

Developed faceted classification for customer-facing online product catalog. Articulated metadata model and complex vocabularies to provide multiple points of entry to product information (3000-5000 products) for diverse customer base. Queried multiple customers to articulate differences in information-seeking behavior, developed facets and vocabularies which were validated with customers. Communicated benefits of faceted classification to various groups with client company.

2003-2004     VERISIGN, INC     Mountain View, CA

Information Architect Consultant

Redesigned public facing corporate site from the bottom up. Revised navigation, developed metadata schema, compiled controlled vocabularies and articulated a corporate taxonomy. Defined templates for newly-installed CMS. Refined search interface, implemented best bets/quick links, provided guidance to stakeholders to effectively title documents for meaningful search results. Developed detailed specifications, wireframes and site maps. Collaborated with multi-functional team.

2001     OPENWAVE     Redwood City, CA

Senior Information Architect Consultant

Structured existing content into newly architected Intranet site for all departments. Developed strategic plan for purchasing and implementing company-wide document management system.

2001     PEOPLESOFT     Pleasanton, CA

Senior Information Architect Consultant

Architected roles-based web site using PeopleSoft portal software, integrating 3 web sites serving similar audiences. Devised global navigation scheme. Delivered interactive wireframes, site map and project summary.

1999 - 2000     ALTAVISTA     Palo Alto, CA

Lead Information Architect - Consultant

Architected layout and navigation for customizable portal site. Advocated for users throughout design and development of multiple information sites and applications. Produced wireframes, storyboards, user flows and specifications for multiple online applications. Communicated advantages of faceted classification system while developing effective taxonomy for web-based information directory.


Master's Degree, Library and Information Science,
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy,
University of the South, Sewanee, TN


Information Architecture Institute
American Society for Information Science and Technology
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative



  • New Research Methods in the Social Sciences, Stanford University, 2009
  • Exploring Design as a Research Activity; Converging on a Science of Design through the Synthesis of Design Methodologies, CHI, 2007
  • Data Modeling Master Class - Wilshire Conferences - 2005
  • Contextual Design - Customer-Centered Design Workshop - 2003


  • Board of Directors - Bethlehem Ministry 2008-present
  • Board of Directors - Information Architecture Institute. 2006-2008
  • Board of Directors - Trinity Cathedral, San Jose, CA. 1998-2001