Seneb is involved in the continuing education of other Information Architects in the field. Principal Sarah Rice has been a speaker at industry conferences such as the Information Architecture Summit.

KickStart Case Study:
Impacting Organizational Strategy With Framing

IA Summit

Using cognitive framing to formulate winning strategies for communicating with your customers.

KickStart Case Study (PDF, 384KB)

Framing Workshop

Metaphorical framing and conceptual blending for information professionals. At the end of the workshop, attendees should know how conceptual metaphors can be used for strategy and communication with Information Architecture work. This methodology can also be used to support increased customer adoption of online content and products. View an innovative and non-linear presentation of this workshop.

Framing Workshop (PDF, 412KB)

Dow Corning Case Study
(Faceted Classification)

IA Summit

Faceted Classification Redux (PPT, 372KB)

Bottom Up Information Architecture:
Redesign of an Enterprise Class Web Site

IA Summit

Bottom-Up IA (PPT, 1.7MB)